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What's the Characteristics about different type of motorcycle battery

Motorcycle Full Sealed Maintenance Free Battery Series
? Reliable anti-spill, No free electrolyte.
? Valve seal design, Sealed structure, Maintenance-free.
? High capacity and low self-discharge.
? Superior pure Pb - Ca alloy electrode and other material.
? Advanced anaerobic drying electrode technology.
? Advancedanti sulfate technology.
? Excellent quick starting performance is that general battery doesn´t have.
? Advanced production technology, Automatic manufacture, Super stability and consistency .

Motorcycle GEL Maintenance Free Battery Series
? Excellent quality products.
? Professional and scientific design, Elegant appearance.
? Super heat & low temperature resistance.
? High impact super pure fire resistance ABS cover.
? Superior performance of electric conductivity.
? Pure copper plated silver terminal.
? Excellent cycle characteristics and discharge recovery capability.
? High capacity and low self discharge, Super long working life, High quality GEL electrolyte is adopted.

Motorcycle Dry Start Maintenance Free Battery
? Dry charged design, Super long storage life.
? Can be used immediately after being added acid.
? Excellent performance vibration resistance.
? Top strong PP engineering plastics.
? Advanced Japanese injection-molding technology.
? Excellent performance of charge acceptance and quick starting performance.
? Superior pure Pb-Ca alloy electrode.
? Advanced anaerobic drying electrode technology.
? Super long working life.
? AGM technology, Unit cell high pressure assembly technology.
? Reliable anti-spill, Valve seal design, Maintenance free, Advanced international IEC heat-seal technology.

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