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The car battery buying guide

There are several key factors you should consider. If you are unsure of the requirements in any of these areas, check your vehicle owner’s manual or ask your mechanic about the original equipment manufacturer’s recommendations for:
Technology Type Battery
group size
Cold cranking amps (CCA)
Reserve capacity (RC)
Find the right battery for your vehicle . Consult a replacement guide to ensure that the replacement battery fit properly (with the correct clearance) under the hood or trunk lid.

What Should I consider When Buying a Battery?

POWER: What are the Cold Cranking Amps required to run your vehicle? CCA is the measure of the battery’s power to start your vehicle in cold weather conditions.

SIZE: Be sure to match the dimensions of the original car battery.

WARRANTY: All automotive batteries are matched with a warranty. Always be sure to choose the warranty that best suits your vehicle needs.

RESERVE CAPACITY: Reserve capacity is the number of minutes your vehicle can run solely on battery power if your alternator should fail. Always buy a car battery with the longest reserve capacity as possible to run your vehicle in case of emergency.


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