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12N7BL-BS 12v 7ah Motor Lead Acid Battery

Categories Motorcycle battery
Brand Matrix Lead acid battery
Model 12N7BL-BS
Battery brand motorcycle battery
Volt: 12V
Capacity: 7ah
Battery size: 149*60*130mm
Sealed Type: Sealed
Maintenance Type: Free
FOB port shenzhen
Terms of Payment L/C,D/A,D_P,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T
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Update Time 12-24-2015

  Details Information

Battery characteristics

1,Valve controlled seal design, no free electrolyte, maintenance free, high safety

2,The high purity of electrode material, corrosion resistance and anti grid sulfation


3,High capacity, very low self discharge rate

4,Excellent fast start performance, long cycle life

5,Automation equipment production, ensure that the battery has a high stability

and consistency


  • Most motorcycles in the world
  • All terrain vehicle
  • Sleigh
  • Motor boat
  • Golf car sightseeing car
  • snowmobile
  • ATV
  • Lawn mower


1. This product is a motorcycle and maintenance-free battery, namely, ready to use form without priming before using, and convenient.

2. This product is the electric power supply, mainly for motorcycle ignition, start, and lighting, in addition to this, also can be used as the power of the other instruments and equipment need to be direct current (DC).

3. After using this product (discharge) must be charged, the charging general with 0.1 CA and 0.05 CA (C batteries positive note Ah capacity) of constant current charge 10 ~ 20 hours, if the constant voltage charging, you must control the voltage from 14.2 V to 14.5 V, and charging to the current stable at 0.01 CA 1 ~ 2 hours after the check.

4. This product is a valve control type structure, and it contains sulfuric acid electrolyte, and sulfuric acid has climbed acid characteristics, therefore, in the process of transportation, storage, use, not advocating a handstand or side, and put an end to anatomy, throw, and monitoring children shall not play battery (especially when use this product instead of the toy car battery).

5. This product can produce more than10 c current moment, so, when used in batteries, shall not take metal jewelry, from electric shock.

6. After the product is scrapped, more than 90% of the materials can be recycled, therefore, is to be handed to acquire specialized personnel, don't throw it away. This product contains lead, please do not crash or throw.

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